joi, 8 septembrie 2016

   Absolutely.Safe, welcoming and beautiful.
   In the E.U. statistics at burgraly and theft we are between the most safe countries in Europe,we have lower rates then Austria and Switzerland .
   At violent crime rates we are also one of the safest country between Belgium and Finland.Crime trends in detail
   Only Luxembourg ,Norway,Iceland and Slovenia beats us in the combined statistic but with no great difference.List of countries by intentional homicide rate
   Romanians are warm and easy going people,we are the kissing-hugging type (so be warned that if you are too likable, people might try to kiss and hug you) and they are happy to talk to new people.
   A majority of Romanians speak at least an international language,although not perfectly, so you will communicate very easily .
   But since we all live on Earth and not in heaven,some basic precautions one must take.
   In 41 years of my life,nobody tried to steal from me and I traveled all around the country .
   Still is better to not carry large amounts of cash or leave the wallet unattended when you are in a large city.
   In the small cities and villages,you can forget your wallet in the store or bar and people will keep it safe for you until you remember and go to get it back.
   One problem you may encounter if you like jogging in the park at nighttime,are some stray dogs. Is better to choose areas with good street light and to not run faster but continue your walk in a calmly manner.
   I know nothing about clubbing and night life in 2016, I really can not say but I presume the old rules of not drinking too much or arguing with people that drank too much still applies.
   Driving in Bucharest might be a little painful because the city grew too fast in population and the streets infrastructure did not develop as fast,also the highways and train railways are not as good as in western Europe so you will have to take some extra time into account when you are planning your trips.
   But the extra time it is all worth it because Romania is a country like a jewelry box that has in a small space gathered the beauty of the high and low mountains, the freedom of the rich and fertile plains, the beauty of the Danube large river ,the Danube Delta with wonderful specific wild life, the sea shore of the Black Sea.
   Thank you for your question and I hope that you will come soon and you will like your trip to Romania.

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