miercuri, 7 septembrie 2016

What is the point of watching the news when you cannot do anything useful or help anyone?

   I understand clearly the helplessness and revolt and sadness a normal person feels while watching the news presenting atrocities and wars and famine and earthquakes and floods and terrorist attacks…
   But if we are not informed citizens we can not vote wisely and everyone can influence us with lies and half truths.
   By being not informed we give up our right to influence the political actions of our countries.
   All the countries,small and big ,have some say in the international politics,even by alliances or leaders position ,or in the UN meetings and so on.
   If the majority of citizens have a clear stance on an issue,the political leaders can not go against the public opinion indefinitely.
   So it matters greatly if the citizens are well informed about the world events.
   And it is another aspect that is about our humanity: we must bear witness.
   When the ww2 was over ,what the victims of holocaust wanted the most was their suffering to be recognized and acknowledged.
    When communism fell in Europe, the victims of the soviet genocide and persecution could claim their parents and grand parents properties back but what they really wanted was their names to be heard, to be published in books, to be mentioned in documentaries ,so their suffering would be acknowledged.
   We must bear witness to our fellow human beings , at least that much we must do if we can not help,and hope that in our hour of need someone else will bear witness to us and will tell about our suffering to the next generation.
   Thank you for the question on this very important subject.

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