joi, 1 septembrie 2016

What would happen if Romania decides to exit the EU?

   Well,the former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis said it with humor :„Leaving the EU is like in the popular song „Hotel California”-
„You can check out any time you like
  But you can never leave!”
   The bureaucracy and the deep legislative entanglement are so kafkian complicated that it makes it next to impossible to leave.
   But if somehow one could magically erase all the juridical problems,economically I think Romania would be neither better,nor worse ,only more independent.
   Romania joined the EU in 2007, the world financial crises just began,the austerity measures started to be imposed and since then the EU is in economical recession.
   So we did not enjoy many foreign investments,many EU funds but we had to sell the natural resources,the distribution of basics utilities and so on.
   What we gave up it is pretty much equal with what we gained as an EU member.
   Of course ,it is the freedom of movement benefit but this brought the exodus of around 3 millions romanians working in the west,paying taxes in the west, not having children or breaking their families apart.
   Although this depopulation of the young generations was not violent like it is in the war,the consequences for the country are the same like losing an entire generation in the war:lack of development,lack of income to pay social benefits, drastic fall in the birth rates and so on.
   We still have our national currency ,which it is a good thing and it would make the transition outside the EU easier.
   So for Romania ,leaving the EU,would not be necessarily bad but it can even be good for the country, depending on many factors.
   For the EU,it will lose a 18 millions consumers market, 3 millions cheap qualified labor force in the west,some very profitable contracts selling romanian oil, electricity, water,woods and much more.
   But the EU will be fine just like Romania will be fine outside the EU.
   That is if the project of the EU Army,the EU Police,the EU Taxation system it is not imposed on the 27 member states,then leaving the EU will be almost suicidal for a country.

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