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Why do many Western leftists, including people in gay communities, defend Islam of which many ideas are obviously against their progressive ideas?

   Because the leftists think in labels .It is a schematic view of the world where everything can be easily understood and categorized.
   The freedom of religion it is a consequence of 3 fundamental human rights: freedom of conscience , freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.
   So ,to interfere with freedom of religion means that the other fundamental rights are annulled.
   Now,what should we do if ,hypothetically, a cannibal tribe from the equatorial forest,wants to practice its religion after moving to Brussels?
   The cannibal tribe only practice the „ancestor cult”, which means they eat their dead relatives ,so they truly do not hurt anyone. Should the government protect their freedom of religion?
   This was a real practice ,by the way ,which was prohibited in Africa in the last century.
   You may think that this example is extreme .It is not ,it is quite harmless because that religion does not command the killing of anyone for apostasy,blasphemy,adultery and so on.
   As you can see the individual rights ,including freedom of religion must not take away other people fundamental rights and must not contradict the basis of social ethics which was agreed upon by the citizens of that country.
    According to the constitutional principles ,the freedom of religion is of a lesser importance then the right to live,the right to corporal integrity,the right to own one´s body ,the right to freedom of movement.
    That is why the law prohibits religious cults that preach mass suicide and other severe self-harming practices ,even though the individual cult follower might claim that the government is taking away his freedom of religion.
     In conclusion ,freedom of religion should be protected by the government and respected by the society UNLESS it does a provable harm to the other people rights and freedoms.
      And as a final note,one should not make the confusion between respecting the right to practice a religion and really respecting as in having esteem, consideration, appreciation for that religion.
    The fundamental right to the freedom of conscience which guarantees the freedom of religion,the same freedom of conscience guarantees my right to criticize said religion.

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