vineri, 2 septembrie 2016

Why is everyone so ignorant about Romania?

   Everything, believe it or not, boils down to geopolitics.
   Romania had a very bad reputation in the west,because of the others geopolitical interest ,for centuries ,not for 25 years since the fall of communism and not from 2007 when we joined the EU.
   So,Romania does not have a common border with the western European countries.That means that we did not have close commercial ties, cultural ties, inter-marrying and all other human interactions that comes from proximity with the western Europe.
   Because the west did not know us, they heard about us from their closest neighboring countries which are our neighbors too.
   Our neighbors are all migratory populations from Central Asia/West Asia that conquered the native population of Europe.
    The only stubborn people that still speak a romance language and have a legitimate claim on their land are Romanians.
   It might seem trivial and inconsequential to you but for thousands of years the claim on the land in Europe meant war,conquest,servitude, suffering and hatred.
   So we are hated by our neighbors just because we are the different,old,original culture that might some day even ask -why did you come on these lands?
   How do you think our neighbors talked about us to their western neighbors?Very badly.
    Self serving lies about Romanians are still used today by our neighbors because we are in competition for tourism, foreign investment and so on.
    Have you heard of the Vlad Dracul the Impaler?The basis of the stupid vampire legend was started by the German merchants from Brasov because the Romanian monarch imposed a tax on their trade.
    But in the internet era, the geographical proximity does not matter that much anymore and western Europeans will find out in time the reality and decide for themselves what they think about Romania and will not judge only from what they have heard from other people.

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